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Michigan CT injector service


Coeur Service is a comprehensive Independent Service Organization (ISO) specializing in the Sale, Service, Repair and Installation of Michigan Angio syringesLiebel-Flarsheim and Medrad contrast injectors. Coeur has developed a national network of Authorized Service Providers and Radtech X-Ray, Inc. is the preferred service provider in Michigan. RXI has been servicing radiographic medical equipment throughout Michigan for over 25 years and having a local company provide injector service will improve response time and reduce travel costs.


During an injector PM, RXI will perform a complete visual ins Michigan CT syringespection and cleaning, proactive replacement of specified components, mechanical lubrication and adjustments, system performance and safety checks, and a complete system calibration to factory specifications. Documentation is provided keeping you up-to-date on annual requirements.


Coeur offers CT and Angiographic syringes that fit a wide variety of power injectors, including both Liebel-Flarsheim ® and MEDRAD ® injectors.This means you don’t have to buy syringes from the manufacturer of your injectors. Your injectors will work perfectly even without their proprietary syringes. And Coeur doesn’t play games with pricing. You always get a fair deal on syringes, no matter where you get your contrast agent or other supplies. Coeur also manufactures tubing and transfer sets and all Coeur products are manufactured in the USA. Please contact Radtech X-Ray, Inc. for a current pricing quotation.



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